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Thread: Playing Gamecube backups, please help

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    Playing Gamecube backups, please help

    Hello! Im in desperate need of some help. Whenever i boot up the game with gamma it starts flickering and its in black and white. so i was browsing the forums here and everybody said they fixed it by changing the settings to forced wii instead of default. well i did. it started off without flickering, but then a green screen came up. no sound. nothing. how can i fix this problem? please help, thank you

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    I don't remember much of how to trouble shoot with NeoGamma. But you could always try Devolution or DIOS MIOS, they boot GC ISOs from a USB drive. May be a good alternative.

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    The black and white is caused by loading a game from a different region. You can fix this by enabling 'Force PAL' or 'Force NTSC', however, doing so COULD cause the green screen problem you are facing.

    Reasons for Green Screen:
    This usually can have three reasons:

    • You have the debugger with waiting enabled
    • The game just crashed (should get a crash dump via USBGecko if __fwrite patch was applied)
    • The game tried to switch from one video mode to another, usually happens when loading USA games on EUR systems or vice versa.

    When I had a green screen problem I fixed it by updating my Dios Mios version and USB loader version.

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    Oh my god you guys im so stupid. I was trying to load a PAL game on NTSC. The place that I downloaded from did NOT specify what region it was. Luckily for me, I downloaded the NTSC version. Going to try it out and see how that one works

    Also wanted to say: This is the only forum that replied back to me out of like 7. So I thank you very very much for that. Seriously.
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    Piracy is not condoned here, so I hope you own the original game. Downloading is legal provided you own the retail disc.

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    Anteara,Had said it Best.

    Have a look Here.

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