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Thread: Few Starting Questions would love some help :D

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    Few Starting Questions would love some help :D

    Hello All

    So I bought a Wii and got almost everything perfect when I was hacking it then the last thing I installed glitched and fully bricked my Wii. So I went on Craigslist and found a Wii for 25$ ok so that's the back story.

    The Wii is at 3.3 Should I stay at 3.3 or upgrade to 4.1/4.2 or what ever is the best at the moment.
    So here are a few questions I have as a beginner so I don't brick another Wii. I want to be able to play emulators as well and backed up Wii games. and be able to use GC-controllers.

    -What ver. firmware should I have and how to do it?
    -What per cations should I use to not brick another Wii?

    Links to another threads would be nice if you dont want to write stuff down

    -Thank you

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    What you will need
    A wii (Any Colour, Black, White, or red)
    1 Wii Remote
    1 SD/SDHC card
    A SD/SDHC Reader

    So to upgrade your wii to 4.3 , you need to go to where it says wii at the bottom left corner in the wii menu. Then go to wii settings, and go to the 3rd page of it. then go to wii system update. And follow the steps. When done, go back to the wii settings, and on the first page at the top right corner, it should say Ver. 4.3 and a number next to it. It should say ether 4.3 U,E,J,K.

    When done, wii settings, 2nd page-internet-Console Information. Then Go to this website ( And select your 4.3 version U,E,J,K) And where it says MAC Address, copy your MAC Address. (This is needed to gather the right info about your wii). Then do the reCapta, and cut the red wire or blue (it doesnt matter, it does the does the same thing)

    3) Then copy your SD/SDHC To FAT. Simply Right Click the sd card and click on format, then select FAT.

    4) Then you should get a folder called You want to extract the file

    5) When extracted, you want to copy the Private folder and boot.elf to your SD/SDHC card

    6) Then you need to put the SD/SDHC card in your wii, then go to the wii message board. You want to go back a few days (pressing the minus button on the wii remote). Until you see a red letter with a bomb on it and a sd card. Click on it, then it will come up with a MS-DOS screen.

    7) Then it should come up with a screen that says This software should not be sold bla bla bla. Just wait until it says press 1 to continue

    8) When You are on the hack mii installer, press continue, then click on install the homebrew channel. Then click Yes, Continue.
    When done, Go to BootMii, and press prepere SD card. when done, go to the BootMii option, then click on Install BootMii. Then click exit. Then it should boot The Homebrew Channel.


    1) click on this link

    2) On your SD/SDHC Card, make a folder called apps.

    3) On the downloaded file, extract the homebrew_browser_v0.3.9c file you downloaded. When done, there should be 2 folders and 1 TXT File. Copy the homebrew_browser file to the apps folder on your SD/SDHC Card.

    4) Turn on your wii, and go on The Homebrew Channel. Then there should be a Homebrew browser app. Click on it, and click load. Then when the MS-DOS like screen finnishes, you should be on the homebrew browser app. here you can download apps for the homebrew browser.

    Hope this helps

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    Or you could just follow our Softmod Any Wii guide. Link is below in my sig. It will give you everything you need to softmod safely.

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