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Thread: Injectuwad Use and Problems Finding?

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    So, I've seen this deal called "Auto Injectuwad v3" for usage of injecting Roms and other stuff into Wii
    (r) Channels... Accordingly, finding this file almost PERIOD seems to be either REALLY old, or simply so intangibly illegal that there IS no longer such a thing due to FBI interruption....

    So here's the question (with a basic novice-level knowledge of wii channels, homebrew, etc...):

    How might I say FIND a ROM injector/creator/channel-in-putter, for any ROMS I currently have? Apparently the Wii64 Emulator from Homebrew, is not either developed enough to utilize the entire structure of the Wii's Platform to play the ROM, or the Emulator is not strong enough/does not have enough usage of cache memory to play Donkey Kong 64.....

    ...whatever the case may be...
    Any ideas that might make WAD creation for N64 Roms even do-able?
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