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Thread: Disc channel wants to update on certain games?

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    Disc channel wants to update on certain games?

    I have a 4.3u Wii that I hacked with LetterBomb. I installed Bootmii as boot2, installed IOS 236, and installed d2x cIOS v8. After installing the cIOS, when I try to play my original "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword", and "Super Mario Galaxy 2", the disc channel prompts me to update. All of my other original wii games work fine. I made the stupid mistake of not installing Priiloader, so is there any way i can get around this? Is it safe to install these updates?

    Please note: I am running these games legitimately through the Disc Channel, not through any kind of backup loader.

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    Install Piiloader and block online & disc updates.

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    I have the same problem and priiloader is not an option as I have the NSMB wii that comes with a wiimote that is not compatible. I followed the hack any wii guide and my wii is hacked but it's hard to tell what to do since priiloader is not compatible and the guide makes no mention of this.

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    Ok, i figured out what the problem is. On newer games, the disc automatically checks to see if anything is installed in ios 249/250. The solution is to uninstall the cios from 249/250, and reinstall it to 247/248. My question now is: Is there any homebrew software that can stub an IOS?

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    You could use the latest beta of priiloader to stop the update issue. We generally do not recommend beta versions but I think it is a good option for you.

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    Well, i noticed on the priiloader wiki that it said not to install priiloader if you've modified any ios. The only thing i have done is installed ios236, and installed the d2x cIOS. Do you think it would be safe to install?

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