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Thread: a nudge please regarding forwarder

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    a nudge please regarding forwarder

    can i change the green neogamma forwarder to somthing that looks like the disc channel? is there a guide kicking round that ive not found yet? any help much appreciated?
    thanx for reading popeye

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    also ive softmodded it with the guide and im getting error msg wheile trying to d/l internet chanel from shop=related to priiloader blocking on line update? or can i use a wad?
    thanx popeye

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    Yes, it is possible to change the banner to whatever you would like. BE VERY CAREFUL with this, a malformed banner will semi-brick your Wii! Take a look at THIS.

    Yes, you can use a wad for installing the internet channel. Get it from HERE.

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    cheers jiz
    off to read


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