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Thread: Silly question about Unmodding/Remodding

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    Silly question about Unmodding/Remodding

    Okay, so forever ago I softmodded my Wii. Easily two years ago. It runs the games that I do have off of my hard drive, but recently I decided to start putting VC games on it (legal ones) and use the Wii for mostly those. The way my Wii is setup is not to run those, and it is a dated softmod. I was reading some tutorials and it seems as though the best way to solve this problem is to restore my Wii to factory default and just start over.

    Rather than go through the tons of tutorials that are on this site, can someone point me to the best guide to unmod a wii and the best current guide to softmodding one?

    The help would be amazing! Thanks in advance!

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    No need to "unmod". Just follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide, link is below in my sig. It will update everything for you. Also, if you make a post in the Introduce Yourself section someone will be along to give you a bunch of helpful links. A lot has happened to the Wii modding scene in the last few years that you might want to brush up on.


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