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Thread: Hard Drive Question

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    Hard Drive Question

    I have my hard drive split in two, one part for the Wii and the other for the computer.
    I want to format the part for the computer so that I can watch videos on a PS3.
    Are you able to format just one part of the hard drive or will everything be deleted?
    I have some things on the Wii part that I don't want to delete, so, if you are able to,
    how do I format just the part for the computer to get it to work on a PS3?

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    Now I'm a N00B when it comes to things like this but I reckon you could partition your hard drive and have two separate urm... Drives, if you will. Each would be different in format. Wii - Whatever format is used for Wii (I'm unsure) and PS3 - NTFS

    Check the link provided - Then check Step 3 - to be more specific - <Removed Outside Link>.
    The problem I can see is that when you insert the hard drive into the ps3, it may want to format it and all that jazz, I will not guarantee it will work but yeah.

    On the site they will recommend using GParted to partition the drive. Like I said take a look at the link mate. Hope it helps
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