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Thread: How Do I change my IOS through Wiimod 3.2?

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    Us How Do I change my IOS through Wiimod 3.2?

    I have a Wii System Menu 4.2u and I wan't to change my IOS through this homebrew app "Wiimod 3.2" every time I try to change the IOS after I exit it reverts back to IOS 58.. Please help me to get it to stay at the IOS I choose, I either want to change the IOS to IOS 70 or IOS 236...

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    Your HBC will be running off of Ios 58 and no you can not change that.
    If you do/could ,it will break compatibility with most if not all apps/programs.

    Please be careful when using Wiimod3.2, and don't mess with your Ios70... that is your System menu Ios.

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    Alright, Thank you, I have this homebrew called IOS236 installer v5 mod and I was using that

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