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Thread: Hey guys. Im back but feel like a newb

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    Hey guys. Im back but feel like a newb

    OK. i hacked my wii like 4 years ago. I went to the service and now im back. My wii is hacked already and i have about 300 games on a 1TB hd using WBFS manager 3.0. I know its been a really long time and i was wondering if anyone can give me the exactly files i need to update my system so i can put newer games on my hd. Any delates, step by step thread or anyting like that would be highly appriciated. Any information you need please let me know. Btw i use Wiiflow. not sure if u needed to know that.

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    Post a system check-->How To Post A System Check
    This way we can see whats installed.

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    Alternatively, instead of posting the system check and waiting for a reply, you could use the Softmod Any Wii Guide, this will update your IOS/CIOS, install the latest dx2 and have the (semi) latest loaders. Although after updating to the latest versions as provided by the guide it would still be wise to do as jax said, as it would be able to verify that the best and latest stuff has properly installed.
    P.S. Thanks for being in the service
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