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Thread: Can I play WBFS games on a NTFS formatted HDD?

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    Can I play WBFS games on a NTFS formatted HDD?

    I just followed the NTFS Guide and have successfully played ISO's through my HDD. The thing is that I am trying to convert these ISO's to WBFS to save some space using WBFS Manager 3.0, but the program keeps telling me to format my HDD to WBFS format. Can't I play WBFS games on a NTFS formatted HDD? I just went through hell following the NTFS guide (and I still can't get Wiiflow to run, although CFG and USBLoader GX are working fine), I don't want all the trouble I went through to be for naught.

    Is there a way to convert ISO's to WBFS without having to mess with the HDD?

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    There is a difference between a WBFS "formatted drive" and a WBFS "file". WBFS format is the same concept as fat32, ntfs, etc... it is a drive format type. Converting an iso to a wbfs file is just that, a file type with the extension .wbfs, which can be put on a fat32 or ntfs formatted drive.

    Use a program like WiiBackup Manager to convert the file. WBFS Manager 3.0 is exclusively for working with wbfs formatted drives. It will not work with a NTFS drive.

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    Thanks for the quick answer! It took me some time but I finally found out how to do it on Wii Backup Manager.


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