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Thread: WTB : Ntorrent invite $20 paypal payed

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    WTB : Ntorrent invite $20 paypal payed

    It has been brought to my attention that this is not legal... please belete my thread/post as i would like to keep my account here at

    I am looking to obtain a Ntorrent invite. I will gladly pay $20 paypal to whoever can send me one or if you prefere i will donate the $20 to Wiihacks.

    Eitherway i have a great ratio on Demonoid, ( the only private site i have joined) for over 2 years... as seen in the below thumbnail. Please PM me if you have an invite you would like to sell.

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    good luck, ill see what i can do

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    sadly, that's illegal and against their terms and conditions and if anyone is caught doing it the sell and buyer will both be banned.

    Sorry, but's just not worth it in my book.

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    3 years H&R's ..good ratio... looks low risk to me

    If it was me I would post the request in the invites thread with the screenshot

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