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Thread: Problems with wiikey fusion

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    Problems with wiikey fusion

    1.I have 4.3J red wii (Replaced the D4 drive with a D2C),I tried to put a NTSC-U game into the dvd drive and the wii doesn't read it even region free is enabled from the wiikey fusion settings

    2.I keep getting "An error has occured"/"System files are corrupted" when I try to boot Another Super Mario Bros Wii from a SD card (Modified version SMBW).I tried to boot with Gecko,it stuck at "Reading DVD stats".do I need signing bug to boot it?

    UPDATE:I followed the softmod guide and region changed to 4.1U,problem 2 has been sloved,but now it reads only NTSC-U games,all my NTSC-J games are no longer playable without using Gecko(Exuding Wii Fit,wiikey fusion's region override doesn't work)
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