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Thread: Help updating my wii/softmod

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    Help updating my wii/softmod

    Hello All,

    It's been a year or so since I installed the softmod on my wii, and I haven't even played the wii in the same amount of time. I actually sat down to play the wii again, and wanted to make sure everything I have installed is up to date, and that my wii is as recoverable as possible. I don't have the NAND backup anymore, but the wii runs fine and I think all I should have to do is update the components that are out of date, and install anything I am missing. What information is needed in order to get everything up to date, and how do I get it, since it's been so long and I have no idea what ios/cios/mods are installed.


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    Post a system check.-->How To Post A System Check
    This will let us see what's installed.

    Or you can follow this Guide,-->Soft Mod Any Wii Guide
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