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Thread: Wii 4.0u playing newer games

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    Wii 4.0u playing newer games


    I first got a 4.0u Wii in mid-2009 and shortly thereafter managed to install the homebrew channel. Everything's worked great: emulators run well, Galaxy & Brawl run just fine and I'm able to run other apps (such as mp4 players, etc.). I figured I had nothing to worry about, especially since I was never planning on getting a single Wii game ever again.

    I ended up buying Rhythm Heaven Fever on a whim tonight after falling in mad love with the GBA and DS games of the series. But unfortunately, the disc won't play unless I update my Wii. Is there any way I can get around this without actually updating my Wii? I searched around but I can't seem to find anything on 4.0u. Also, if there's any way I can play the game at all whilst maintaining the homebrew channel--even if I have to update the firmware--that would be great. All I ask is that I can keep the homebrew channel and keep the ability to play emulators.

    I also apologize in advance if this is a poor first post--I'm really new at all of this, I'm surprised I even got homebrew to install in the first place!

    The best,
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    if you look around on the site there a few ways to update your wii ios's. The easiest way foe me is to use modmii for windows it will set every thing up for you and it will give you the option to update 4.1 or higher saftly but i would reccomend 4.1. then put the files on your sd and follow the instructions it gives you.ModMii
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    Alternatively, you could use the Softmod Any Wii Guide, which will give you more support on this site provided you need help in the future. The Softmod Any Wii guide also has a 4.1 system menu IOS which you could update to.

    Also, you could remove the update partition, or, more easily just go to Priiloader and enable block disk and online updating.
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    Thanks to both of you for the help. A lot of this stuff is pretty foreign to me, especially when it comes to 4.0u Wiis that have never been updated.

    Looks like Priiloader seems to be the obvious choice though. So all I should do is install Priiloader (I'd assume I download it and put the file on my SD card like I would any other program, unless I'm mistaken...couldn't find anything on it), install it, block disc updates and I should be golden? I've searched around and I'm probably not that intelligent because none of this makes sense to me.


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