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Thread: wii problems with command

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    wii problems with command

    Hi all, i have one problem, with my Wii, the wii power on, i can open the wiiflow, i see the last game i play, (from usb HDD) but at this moment the wii is freeze, i cant change to another game, cant open anything, all buttons of my command, and i have 2 commands, dont work, it seems lost sync, but button power off works (very strange to me), anyone can help me, is not to me is for my kid ....

    its appens only from usb hdd, all of the rest works

    many thanks

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    i would try a fresh install of wiiflow or try newest usbloader gx.

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    i try new usbloader and wiiflow, but the problem persists, the problem is after click n homebrew channel, i see the options, aftre any choice, for example wad manager, ios install, anything the command stops. and command is original, have bateries.... nothing...

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    This has nothing to do with forum bugs/issues

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