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Thread: Snes9x gx Version 4.1.5 covers

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    Snes9x gx Version 4.1.5 covers

    Hi there

    i am new to Wiihacks,and i am sorry if this has been posted before,but i couldnt find any answer

    I am desperately trying to add coverart for my snes roms, i have recently downloaded the unofficial version of Snes9x Gx cover mod 4.1.5, and have placed the png files in sd:/snes9xgx/covers while the mod is in sd:/apps/snes9xgx

    The covers just wont show up at all? its just the simple standard list like the recent official versions.should this be happening? they have been resized properly and have been renamed the same as the roms.i added .png at the end of the pics also.

    And apparently theres no option either to turn cover on or off in options,nothing Do I need a different version?

    help would be much appreciated.Thanks

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    the newest postloader has emulator cover support. and the name has to be exactly the same which i have seen you have done that. also pm me and i know a nother site with a lot of good info on that snesgx version.


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