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Thread: THE AMAZING RACE Wii on a PAL console

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    THE AMAZING RACE Wii on a PAL console

    I recently imported a game from the USA called The Amazing Race (Wii). Stupid of me I forgot that regions play a big role when trying to play import games. In order to play the game I soft Moded my wii. I have not been able to play this game as yet as it loads with a black screen using Neogama. In order to resolve my issue i searched through various posts on your site but I do not seem to get the answer I'm looking for
    I was just wondering if anyone actually got it right to play this game on a PAL system and if so, how did they managed to do this

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    Have you installed priiloader? If yes just reenable region free hacks and have fun (if works for my PAL wii 4.3 to play NTSC games)

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    You can also force the region in the game settings of the loader you are using.

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    Hi Guys
    Thanks for your help. The Wii Game installed and ran from the created image, however it only goes up to where you are supposed top start the game. It completes the whole intro but thereafter the Wii Motion Plus remote does not respond. I switched my wii off and allow the system menu to load. Everything seems ok but the remote does not work at all.
    Do you have any idea how I can fix this problem and also how I can use the remote to work with the game? At thew moment I cannot play anything as the remote does not respond to the system

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    Do you have new wii remote? if yes please update your loader to latest version thats supports new wii remotes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerfield View Post
    Do you have new wii remote? if yes please update your loader to latest version thats supports new wii remotes.
    Hi I'm using USB Loader GX. Any idea how I can get my wii remote to respond again?. Do I just resync the remotes to the wii system?
    Currently I can start my Wii with the console start button, but pushing A on the remote does nothing. Remote flashes. Later the screen will go to the Wii menu but I cannot do anything?

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    Hi there

    I seemed to have resolved my issue. It looks like the emulation has caused the sync problem with the wii. I switched on and resync the remotes and I can again choose my channels etc. I started the game again and this time resync both wii motion plus remotes which allows you to now play the game

    Thanks for the tips. It really worked and I can finally play an imported game on my PAL console

    Kind Regards



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