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Thread: Meegan Will support Android?

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    Meegan Will support Android?

    A few days ago we announced that this would free operating system out of the labor Jolla. Now, Tablet PC Phone its resemblance to Android, made us wonder if both operating systems could be supported. What do you think?
    Both are free operating systems, and although not confirmed, this could mean that their applications could be supported. What implications might this compatibility?

    If confirmed this assumption, it would be a boost to San Diego, and not because the company will simply take advantage of Google applications Play, no doubt that MeeGo will have its own app store, but because they can more easily attract developers to its operating system.

    A developer will have no problem in including an application, which has previously developed for Android, MeeGo shop, provided that this does not involve any effort and to report back benefits. Tablet Android Phone and we have already seen as having a large store of applications is a major key to survival and growth of an operating system.

    This too would be an immediate threat to Android, will be some time before Meego can to catch up, although it could be in the not too distant future. Google ┐fear the rise of the new OS free or already have a plan B in case he is forced to change strategy?

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