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Thread: STUCK - Wii remote plus not responding

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    STUCK - Wii remote plus not responding

    I new to softmodding.

    [COLOR=#009900 !important]I bought[/COLOR] Black Wii Plus Mariokart Bundle just a couple of days ago.
    its got a Wii Remote Plus (one with the motion plus built in)
    The FW is 4.3e
    I have read and tried to follow MauiFrog's Softmod Any Wii Guide
    and I have managed to install the Homebew Channel and Bootmii using the 4.3 letterbomb [COLOR=#009900 !important]method[/COLOR].

    I am now stuck, I have unpacked the modpak and cios-pack in to the SD card.
    when I start HBC and launch Boothmii i get to the stage where I have to select [COLOR=#009900 !important]WAD Manager[/COLOR].
    This is where things have stalled, my Wii remote D-pad does not respond.
    I cannot use it to select the WAD Manager. Other buttons work e.g the power button

    Please help, I'm gonna keep reading more threads but it anyone has some advise please help me.

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    You will need to get your hands on a older controller. Borrow a friends or maybe hit Gamestop up for a used one.

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    Thanks for replying. I'll try to find to borrow to avoid buying one. I'm hoping someone has a workaround.

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    WAD Manager will not work with the new controllers - however, WiiMod WILL. Download WiiMod to install your WADs. Be careful though.
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    Thank you,
    I will have a look into Wiimod


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