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Thread: Stupid Rookie Question...

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    Stupid Rookie Question...

    Hi all…rookie question from a middle-aged, tech-incompetent bore…sorry. Got a 2nd hand wii Sports with the disc stuck in the optic drive. It reads the disc so we can play the five games, but will not eject it. Question is, can I buy other games on disc, copy and paste them onto an SD drive on my PC, then load the SD drive into the wii and play?

    Or is that a ludicrous idea…?

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    Thanks for the quick follow up. I actually did try that. Probably should have clarified...I've been roundly condemned on other tech boards for stupid questions before doing some basic googling to find a fix. I also actually started taking the case apart, which if you know me, is akin to a monkey performing open heart surgery.

    I'm at the point where I see two options:

    1) Buy a new console as there is no warranty and per other threads/advice I understand that I'm looking at $75 +/- to sent to Nintendo to fix, which just isn't worth the hassle for an old used machine.

    2) Keep this one with the five default sports games and the wireless-to-tv function. I figure that even if I can get the sports disc out, the same issue will likely happen with any new discs I purchase. The only saving grace I figured could be to use my (existing) SD card, load a wii disc onto my pc (which won't recognize anything), copy the entire contents on the the SD, then load it onto the wii. Has anyone ever done that? Or are there all kinds of security protocols that prevent it?

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    Here is a guide on how to disassemble the Wii. It's not that hard if you have the correct tools. A small Phillips screwdriver and a triwing screwdriver.

    You can load games from a SD card. I know NeoGamma has an option to load from SD. But not sure what other loaders do, since I have never tried. I use an external hdd, which would be more practical.

    You would of course have to softmod your Wii first. The softmod any Wii guide is in the spoiler below.

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    Nice. Never heard of NeoGamma. Am checking it out. Thanks for the tip.


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