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Thread: Gamma/Loaders (softchip) VS Modchip

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    Gamma/Loaders (softchip) VS Modchip

    i know i know... its hard to come up with a good name.. because i dont want to miss lead so here it is.. recently Loader methods are beating Chips, because people are Cheap =P but more recently over the past people are now asking which is better, i didnt mind the first one but its a tad annoying, blasting 1 method, hearing crazy theories, and so on and so forth

    this is a simple guide to tell you the differences between the 2 so youre informed, and can make the right choice be it what ever you want.. im gonna try to be as fair to both methods as i can, many people know i do have my leans like everyone else, but i will try my best, and most people will agree

    please note softmodding =/= iso loader ill explain later

    Softchip/ISO loader/Gamma

    • Free
    • doesnt require any real skill
    • easy to get support here
    • now voids the warranty
    • no opening the wii
    • you get homebrew channel, though this method by default *since its needed to get the loader working =P*

    • Can be "Bricked" with the continual softmod updates needed to play new games
    • slower than a modchip
    • some games dont work
    • more patchs required to work
    • can break your wii in a error
    • requires lots of attention/very high maintenance
    • newer games with issues take longer to fix
    • you need to patch, or hook to get out of region
    • games can randomly freeze
    • cant boot from the disc channel
    • can be removed in a later firmware
    • cant play region free gamecube
    • cant play gamecube backups
    • you will have to either add the required IOS for new games or pay to get it added
    • the softmod is defeated every time you update your wii
    • update with a wii game and brick some softmodded wiis

    a small guide to working, and not working games are here



    • NOT Defeated by Wii FW Update like the SoftMods
    • once its installed it works...simple..insert game and play
    • works faster than the loader, and 1:1 with originals in all cases
    • plays out of region
    • can block updates on any firmware *some chips*
    • can boot from the disc channel
    • region free gamecube
    • can play gamecube backups
    • partial region free
    • fixes are usually easier
    • works on any firmware
    • can fix bricks easier like "banner"which is a Softmod issue
    • can install Homebrew via ISO *3.2 or lower*
    • Really hard to "brick" with the newest best modchips

    • costs money
    • MUST get the right chip for your drive
    • might be a clone -,_-, *buy from a trust worthy site!*
    • newer chips could leave your older chip in the dust *IE ISO streaming, and fancy features xD*

    Neutral *IE same with both methods*
    • can use homebrew
    • plays backups
    • can play online
    • 3.2 = the best

    Softmodded =/= loader or anything like that

    Homebrew channel was made to make the wii better for everyone, not pirating games! it is recommended for modchip, and 100% needed for gamma/loader... this is in no way a PERK for the loader, modchip is easier the channel...

    if you need to know the perks of having this channel... if you have a modchip.
    • can get 100% region free
    • can block updates *3.2 only* unless you boot in a loader
    • can cheat on games
    • can change wii region
    • can install new channels
    • can install VC/Wiiware games
    • can load DVD's/media
    • can patch updates
    • can downgrade
    • can prevent bricks *3.2 only*
    • can extract saves you couldn't before
    • can use emulators
    • can fix some problematic games, and Black/white and flickering problems

    in the end, the chip is the way to go if you just want to play games, plug it in and BAM done!
    • it works with all games
    • it is region free
    • it has solderless solution for people without skills to solder, and kids

    because softmodding sumed up is... free but risky, and only for people whom want to keep on reading and learning !

    • It is very easy to brick your Wii with the continual softmod updates
    • requires lots of attention/very high maintenance

    i hope this makes it a little easier, yes there is more Con's, then Pro's but in the end that's because, theirs only so much difference between the 2, and the Con's are all most people care about =\

    if you got something you feel i didnt cover or mention, pm or post and ill add it

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    + add


    Pros: Can actually play NSMBW

    Cons: Wont make modderman money.

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    HDD loader

    With soft mod you can load from usb. Loading all my games from the drive and never having to worry about disks would sell me, even if I planned on paying for games :-P

    Also I find that the usb loader solves almost all of the loader problems associated with soft modding, with the exception of the alternate .dol problems (do modchips have issues with them too?).

    Both preloader and the usb loader I use(uloader) block updates. It would be fair to say that between the two of them my wii will not be bricked due to game updates.

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    modchip pro:

    can softmod too

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolchip View Post
    + add


    Pros: Can actually play NSMBW

    Cons: Wont make modderman money.
    And so can Modchips, from a disk from Gecko OS or NeoGamma (no IOS garbage, just straight from an SD card)

    And some modchips can now play it straight away, with new updates from their makers, from the disc channel.

    Theres a kick right in your balls...

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    Have to say I have a 4.2e softmod - and it did have a modchip. I needed to soft mod so I could play my other region backups.

    Worth having both defo.

    Interesting thing here though...slower? Slower how? As in installing the softmod (noticed some long load time on Mario & Sonic winter olympics, hopefully this is the norm).

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    Very nice explanation. Useful!

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    So Mod Chip does cost but how much are we talking exactly?
    Do people shell out upwards of $100 to get a mod chip or is it not that bad?
    Honestly just for that reason I go with a softmod. I mean part of the whole thing of modding is so you don't have to pay for the games right? Why pay for the mod as well???

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    Pay one time and be happy, no worries with bricks and updates

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    Whats a good reputable site to get a modchip?

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