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Thread: Problems playing pirated games in my wii

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    Problems playing pirated games in my wii

    I own a wii and was able to play pirated games from there using a external hard disk drive but for some reason when I tried to add more games (using my laptop). I get this you need you format hard drive to open it. And now if I try to plug in the hard disk back to the wii I cant play any games anymore...

    I was wondering how I can fix this?

    sorry for my terrible english its not my first language

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    that awkward moment when...

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    First of all this site does NOT condone any type of Piracy. You probably meant to say you where trying to play your backups on a hard drive (English is not your first language right?) Second it sounds like your hard drive was formatted WBFS so that is why your computer doesn't recognize it and asks you if you would like to format it. It can be recognized only threw programs like WBFS Manager etc.... and third I am betting you said YES to formatting it. Once you said yes you erased all the games off the drive. That is why you can't see them anymore..

    Hope this helps


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    What's already been said. Thread closed.


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