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Thread: Wii Freezing Upon Booting Letterbomb (4.3E)

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    Wii Freezing Upon Booting Letterbomb (4.3E)


    So I have followed the guide on how to softmod a wii and keep running into a problem. When I click on the messageboard and then navigate to the Letterbomb icon it always freezes my wii upon clicking it, forcing me to hard reset.

    I have double checked and yes I have downloaded the correct files using my MAC adress and for 4.3E which is my version. I have tried multiple SDHC cards and recently used a SD card but with no luck.

    My own guess as to why this is such a problem is that a very long time ago (talking ~3 years ago) I had my wii softmodded by somebody else. My sister then updated the wii which messed it all up. I have tried deleting the channels but it has changed nothing. I believe I had 3 channels that I have deleted called GeckOS, Backup Channel and Homebrew Channel. Not too sure about names but they are close to what they were.

    If anyone has any advice or help it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    You should still have homebrew channel if it was softmodded by someone else, regardless of how long ago. go to homebrew channel, follow the Softmod any wii tutorial from "wiis with hbc already installed". At the end of the tutorial install 4.1. It should be good to go. If you feel inclined to go from the start of the tutorial for some strange reason, your wii will now be 4.1 and you can use bannerbomb.

    Edit: oh, if your sister updated the wii it would have removed HBC. Are you sure you are selecting the correct REGION when downloading the letterbomb installer? a lot of people neglect to see it, and as such download an installer for the wrong region, which will require a hard reset if trying to install with it. set the correct region and try again.

    Edit 2: Also, if you haven't already, it would be VERY wise to FORMAT your SD card before putting the letterbomb files on it. That might fix the problem.

    Also, look at this, i'm not sure if it's the problem you're having but if it is it will fix it.
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