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Thread: How to install WAD files?

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    How to install WAD files?

    Alright, so I followed the tutorial at Http:// to install the software on my wii, and now I want to install WAD files to the hard drive. Problem is, none of the WAD managers I put on my SD card are showing up. I unzipped them to an "Apps" folder and then in their own folder, but they aren't showing up on the wii menu. Can someone help figure out why?

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    Did you complete that Guide??

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    I got everything but the part with Priiloader. Priiloader wasn't working right, was just going back to the homebrew channel when I tried to install the hacks. Is that why this part isn't working?

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    The apps in your apps folder, will not be on your Wii menu. They will be in the homebrew channel. Assuming the file path is correct.
    Should be like this:
    For example , for wad manager the structure should be:
    SD ROOT:apps/wad manager/boot.dol

    Then open homebrew channel and you will see the app.

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    Your fast,Playerkp420!

    You install Priiloader,then Enable the hacks and save.

    You will not see the apps on your wii menu unless they are installed as a channel or Forwarder channel.
    You don't install wad files to your HDD,you install them to the wii.

    You won't see the the apps in homebrew channel if it's not set up right...Like so, SD:apps/Snesgx/boot.dol
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    Ah, I see. Thank you for the tip. got the WAD files working now.


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