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Thread: problems with 2 player mode on lego batman 2

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    problems with 2 player mode on lego batman 2

    I ham having problems with 2 player mode on Lego batman 2

    hi. i have just backed up lego super heroes 2 to my hdd and 2 player mode does not work in game. can anuone help? i have tried usb gx loader and another couple of loaders all with the same results - no 2 player! please help me.

    hi i have backed up lego batman 2 and I cannot play in 2 player mode the remotes just dont respond I am using usb loader gx. game plays fine only in 1 player mode though. Can anybody help? I have tried different remotes but no others work either but all works in different games.
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    Us What are your settings?

    I've ripped it but just get a black screen. What settings and loader are you using?


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