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Thread: wasabi Homebrew wii stop playing backups ---Disk Read Error--

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    wasabi Homebrew wii stop playing backups ---Disk Read Error--

    Hi wiihacks community Ive been around here for 6 months putting your valuable knowledge to "good" use so thankyou. Now i usually just have a proper search and find what i need but i cant get this one answered definitively.

    I chipped the wii with a wasabi chip at Christmas and also stuck a new laser in and i immediately started playing back up games.

    Once i did this I wanted to install homebrew and some channels. The backups still played but lately the past few months the wii just gives up. I can get some games working like mario kart but they fail once a race is completed giving me a disc read error .I know it is not the discs because i burned them again.

    I cant even get a look to see if dirt or dust is giving me a read disc error. Or is it stubbed IOS's

    I am going to upgrade the software from 4.1u to Current getting rid of my homebrew presumably but i cant help thinking Im missing something else. I have updated the wasabi software to 3.0 and tried different loaders but I am always getting a disc read error It might be ten minutes into the game or immediate on launch.

    It just baffles me why the discs seem to disintegrate Even Originals. We have bought multiple copies of some games.
    Has anybody else has these problems with discs not being read using a chip? Is this a laser problem?
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