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Thread: How to set ios 236 as the default ios?

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    How to set ios 236 as the default ios?

    I did a re-hack of our wii about six months ago, and ever since haven't been able to use wiiflow or mmm. This morning I figured out that I *CAN* use MMM if I change the ios to 236 first. I think I remember that the newer versions of wiiflow will only run off 236 (everything is on a hdd). Is there a way to set that as my default ios instead of the current (which I think is either 58 or 249)

    Fixed it

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    It really irks me when people say "I fixed it", but then don't post what the solution was. In any case, if someone else happens upon this thread and wants to know the answer,
    edit or create a mmmconfig.txt file on the root of your sd card and add or edit the following line AutoLoadIOS=236

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    Sorry to irk you, but when I just post a blank "fixed it", it's because I shotgunned it and I'm not exactly sure which pellet did the trick. I didn't do either of your methods, it was from within mmm and *think* it was by setting the ios to 236 and then installing the wads, but I'm probably wrong, so don't anyone try it :P


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