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Thread: PAL or NTSC d2pro9

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    PAL or NTSC d2pro9

    will both PAL NTSC format work on a d2pro9 modded board, thanks

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    Yes, but the wrong one can brick your wii, if u update :3

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    So if I have a PAL Wii with the d2pro chip and I have set my d2pro chip to not accept any updates do u know if I can then run imported games (NTSC) and accept the udpate as per normal; which will allow me to run the game?

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    -.-;; what?

    you CANT UPDATE OUT OF REGION, but you get the same IOS's so you can play games from other regions

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    What i'm asking is, if I have an original NTSC disk/game (not an iso) and a PAL wii with a d2pro modchip, will it play?
    if yes, then Secondly; if; on my d2pro utility options, i select not to accept any updates then if I did accept updates from the NTSC disk would my modchip merely ignore the update and proceed in loading the game?


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    it should
    Yup thats it


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