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Thread: Priiloader not installing

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    Red face Priiloader not installing

    hi guys just modding my new wii and ive followed the guide Softmod/Hack ANY Wii v10
    but i skipped the IOS-Update in part 1 - wad installs and Part 2- Optional Region Change.
    the wii is working fine but when i go to homebrew channel and click on priiloader read my warning message and thats it!!
    I cant do anything from there I press A/+ and try holding B and A/+ but priiloader wont start install.
    ive also tryed an older remote.
    can anyone help with this? would be greatly appreciated.


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    ok nevermind i run a system check and was going to post it on here so i thought i would give priiloader one more go and it worked.


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