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Thread: Question about themes.

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    Question about themes.

    Hello all,

    Quick question just to make sure I haven't torn anything up.

    I hastily installed the .wad file that changes the Wii System Menu to black and then I found out that Priiloader and Bootmii were gone!!!

    So I followed certain sections in the guide "How to softmod any Wii" by Mauifrog to install Priiloader and Bootmii. The programs are on there again, and the Priiloader mods are on per the guide. Everything seems as it was except for the system menu change.

    Seems legit...

    Question is have I torn anything up in doing these changes?

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    Priiloader attaches itself to the system menu, so installing another one will remove it. It's good that you re-installed
    priiloader and bootmii, and if all is working perfectly then you're fine. I will say though, that you're lucky!
    If the theme caused a banner brick when you installed it, (Has happened many, many times) you would've of been
    right up the creek without priiloader and bootmii.

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    Hmm good thing I checked on them then. Thanks man. Loads of help.


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