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Thread: Rockband 2 DLC Australia

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    Unhappy Rockband 2 DLC Australia

    Hi, I have been looking everywhere and hassling everyone I know who might know something but have got no where.

    I am trying to download RB2 DLC to my PAL Wii in Australia, I know its not released here yet but there must be some kind of work around?

    Anyone with any ideas please respond.

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    if you looked the Wii just got the DL content like -,_-, 3 days ago, so unless you think people bought it, figured it out and hacked it, and then uploaded it, then you can look for it XD

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    The free songs wont even download -.- It keeps telling me to add more points even though these songs are FREE???? Stupid server, Hopefully they'll iron out the bugs and get it working properly asap.

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    So I tried to purchase a game tonight, But it gave the erorr: "error cannot buy or something, Contact EA"

    So even if I wanted a song, I couldn't get it, And the free ones I cant get either LMAO

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    The only info I found was from a Rock Band Forum and an Australian User is having the same problem. I'm trying to contact him at present. All the US Wii Users seem to downloading fine from what I have seen on the Rock Band Forums?

    Maybe if I change the region of my Shop Channel?

    But I will have to wait till someone comes out with instructions for it as I don't know hot to begin....

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    anyregion changer, makes the shop kinda broken, in the newer ones so use a older one =x

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    Is not Any Region Changer a bit suspect to bricking my Wii?

    And is there any guarantee that I will be able to purchase the Rockband DLC?

    There has to be someone in Australia with the same problem that knows more about the Wii then me...

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    List Of Wii DLC! - Page 27 - Rock Band Forums

    Only info I could find last post on the above page....

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