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Thread: [HELP] How to mod XBOX 360 FAT?

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    [HELP] How to mod XBOX 360 FAT?

    Hello guys , i have a xbox 360 that has been sitting in my basement for 1-2 years and now I want to mod it. Could you give me a tutorial or tell me what I need to mod my xbox? My xbox is 360 fat white colour.

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    first of all, fat white XBox360 of 1~2 years age is moddable, easily.
    secondary, there're many ways for 360-mods:
    for backup (DVD-DL) play, u've LT+3.
    for backup (usbHard Disk) play, u've XKey, Wasabi, RGH.
    plus, dual NAND or Trident NAND flash system.
    ok for u to google the key words.
    read and understand each of those mods before selecting the right one for ur application.
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    So the ways you said are only softmods right? Without modchips or stuff like opening the box , right?

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    First you need to find out what drive you got in it,easiest way is to pull the faceplate off and under the drive on the RH side of it is a hole,look at the colour of the 2 wires you see.If there yellow its a liteon,red/black its a samsung,and white is a benq,if its blanked off its an hitachi.Now you need to get either a via card to install in your pc,or buy a x360usbpro or lizard.if you got a liteon you will also need a probe 3 or you can make your own just google for a tut.Also if going the via card option which is the cheapest then if you buy a probe 3 you'll also need a ck3/pro or as i said you can forget that and make your own probe.Lastly read the jungleflasher tutorial and follow the info for flashing your drive.If you need any more help or advice then post or pm me.Also you can get your drive flashed for free if you know where to look but obviously you need to pay postage and just send the drive,not the whole 360.Nice to see all the usual guys still here and the site still going strong.
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