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Thread: Wii flow on latest softmod cover problem with USB fat32 and wiiflow.ini is correct?

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    Wii flow on latest softmod cover problem with USB fat32 and wiiflow.ini is correct?

    Hi guys,

    I read almost 2000 pages about this problem, but for somehow I do have problems.
    3 days ago I softmoded my suns wii 4.1E version.
    verything is fine.
    so then I installed the wiiflow 2.49 thru sd card like it should be..perfect.
    then I have my usb hdd with a 4 GB fat32 partition and the rest is the wbfs for the games...perfect;

    then I installed the forwarder channel of wii flow...perfect.

    then I placed on the fat 32 the correct folders for wiiflow like :
    wiiflow (in root of fat32)

    and in the wiiflow.ini I have this :
    so when I start up wiiflow, I see the 2 games, but no covers.
    if I say download the covers, no luck, I see the connection is made with the server, but at the end 0/2 is downloaded.
    if I place the covers from a copy of a friend, same games, same installation, then also wiiflow does not show/find the covers on the usb hdd.

    Is there something I forgot?
    normally when you download the covers in wiiflow and the wiiflow.ini is set correct like I think I did, then the covers must be downloaded in the correct folder?
    even if I place them manually (ofcourse the correct names.png) then also wiiflow can not show this covers????

    after more than 20 hours I can not figure out what I do wrong.
    any tips are clues are welcome.

    when I try to install the latest wii flow version, then after homebrew I must activate it and wiiflow asks me to load a game or select partition, so the new version seems even not to find my usb hdd?
    that's why I installed the 2.49 version of wiiflow.

    Well I hope maybe somebody can help me out or give me my son can play it .....

    thanks in advance for any clue or tip.


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    Delete all the WiiFlow folders.

    Only put the boot.dol file in a folder named wiiflow. Then put that folder in the apps folder.

    Then when you open WiiFlow, it will create all the other files and folders you need. Including a new .ini file. Then you should be able to download covers and they will be placed in the correct folders(that the app created by itself).


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