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Thread: usb loader cfx+Dios Mios 2.0 problem

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    usb loader cfx+Dios Mios 2.0 problem

    Hi guys i have this problem.

    I can play all games perfectly but i have got a problem and i want if anyone can help me to solve it.Following the known procedure i put the iso in the games folder on the flash drive and when i try to start the game none of the loaders is recognizing the game.For the game to run i must start the usb cfx but not even this loader recognizing the game and tells me to choose which particion i want to use from the flash drive.After that it copies the games folder from the usb drive to SD card.After that i can play the game with all the other loaders perfectly(wiiflow,usb loader gx).But every time i want to play another game i have to do this tyring procedure.I want to tell me if anyone knows what to do in order for the games to be recognized directly from the usb drive without of the need to be copied in the SD card.

    Please help me because i m about to get nuch.

    (I m sorry for my poor english)

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    You need to update your usbloaders to use dios mios 2.0. Check the guide out here.
    Wii System Menu X(4.1u)-CFG USBLoader 7.0, D2X cIOS Pack


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