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Thread: Help playing gc backups

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    Help playing gc backups

    So I just recently softmodded my wii with letterbomb I have no pc I did all this from my girlfriends android using androzip. I know some basics but I been wanting to play my gc backups I don't have a USB drive I am trying to use a sd card. I been looking up forums and guides and I try to follow along but nothing works. I have neogamma I put my gc backup on the root of my ad card in a folder called games and when I use neogamma sd to play it doesn't play. I need help on playing gc backups with an sd card it's 16gb. I have no computer I use a android and it works when I install wads and other stuff but I can't seem to be able to play my gc backups. Sry this is my first time writing a post I usually just read other peoples threads and I am able to do what I want but the whole playing gc backups has me all confused so please help me

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    There are 3 ways to play GC backups o the wii:

    1. Burn a disc.........PC NEEDED
    2. DiosMios Lite......PC NEEDED to get the necessary files
    3. DiosMios............PC NEEDED to get the necessary files

    You need a pc in order to process the gc iso and create the necessary files for DM or DML to be able to play the backups.

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    Alright thanks I thought I could figure a way out without a computer like how I softmodded my wii with an android


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