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Thread: USB Loader GX (Theme Issue)

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    Question USB Loader GX (Theme Issue)

    So, the problem I am having is that I went and put the new GX Loader on my daughters Wii and she wanted a theme. So I downloaded the Angry Birds theme and installed it and now that I try to open GX it gives a exception dsi error and wont load. I had to remove gx from my sd card and start fresh to get it to work. Tried the My Little Pony theme and the same thing happened. Any solution for this or is she stuck with the white theme?

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    Just a guess here, but 3.0 is virtually an entirely new program. Yes there are a lot of similarities in the look and feel, but so much has changed. The banner view, numerous additional icons and menus, etc... Honestly I have not tried any 2.x themes with GX 3.0 simply because I figured they would not be compatible, and your post here kind of confirms that theory. I would assume that with some time and effort some custom themes could be created. You interested in taking on a project like this? It would require some work, but the community as a whole Im sure would be appreciative!


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