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Thread: Softmod or chip

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    Smile Softmod or chip

    I am very very new and wondered what is best softmodding or a chip? what are the problems that can occur with either one? I really like the homebrew idea so any good thoughts on that?

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    im getting sick of this topic since theres very little need for it....

    Gamma/Softchip *yes their different, modding and those apps*
    very buggy
    requires more patchs to work
    some games dont work
    known to freeze at set points
    lots of problems
    requires several fixes to do things
    updating can kill it
    free more or less

    costs money
    1:1 with a original
    out of region support
    newer ones can block updates
    updates CANT kill it *based off nintendo changing hard not software*
    can boot from the disc channel nativly
    easier to use
    install and done for the most part
    less issues
    play gamecube back ups
    play gamecube out of region

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    sorry to get you so worked up its just usually easier to ask then to spend hours searching for info your not sure on. Thanks for the help. I will so searching to find what chip is best and how to avoid bricking my wii if I softmod it. Were in Michigan do you live? I am in Monroe County

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    Livonia, also i wrote up a long write up about this subject since its getting popular, its in the Guide section if intrested

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    again thanks, I am going to be in livonia next week when weather breaks to do some windshield repairs.

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    nice xD.........


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