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Thread: CSI: Hard Evidence ISO PPF

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    CSI: Hard Evidence ISO PPF

    Reference the closed thread below:

    I know that CSI: Hard Evidence is an old game but my wife loves these games and I cannot seem to get the PPF patch to get it to play past the first level without freezing. I have the other games in which she has beaten. Every link has been blocked/deleted.

    The patch is called xxx-CSI_fix.ppf

    I have searched far and wide for it. Is there anyone on this sight that still has this that can send it to me? Or instructions on how to make it myself.

    It would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I believe that was a problem with a certain rip that hit the net. You should try ripping it from your original disc.

    Come to think of it some CSI games had IOS reload problems as well. Try using one of the latest loaders and latest d2x v7+. In the games settings in the loader set the ios reload to blocked.


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