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Thread: NAND Backup Question

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    NAND Backup Question

    Hey Everyone,

    I bricked my wii a while ago but managed to replace it. I had the replaced Wii for about a year now, didn't crack it ever since due to my fear of bricking it again.

    After bricking it I realized that since i have a newer version of the Wii, i couldn't use my NAND to back it up. Apparently the newer Wii doesn't have that separate storage unit which boots before the main menu.

    Before cracking the Wii again, i wanted to find out more information about how to back up the new Wii 4.3U, in case something goes wrong.

    I've heard of the PriiLoader but I don't want to take risks and install things that i'm not fully confident of.

    So I wanted to know, what exactly do I do first? How do I recover a Wii 4.3U in case of a brick. What software do I install first for my protection?

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Follow the Softmod Any Wii guide from start to finish and you will be good to go! Just don't ever mess with themes or your cios and you shouldn't ever brick.

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    Do as Toby said. Anything else you want to do to your Wii should be with good knowledge, which you will find here at wiihacks. There are a lot of other sources of info on Wii modding but you are already at the safest one there is.

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