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Thread: WODE Streaming Audio, Backups, and Case Mod Questions

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    WODE Streaming Audio, Backups, and Case Mod Questions

    I did a Google search on this but it seems out dated(a lot of the responses are from last year). I came across this which pretty much summed up my question:

    Im under the impression that the WODE doesnt support streaming audio on certain GC games. If you have the WODE and a new Wii, is their a way around that one can play GC ISO's with streaming audio?
    Other than having a new Wii(I'm one of the LU72 Wii's from when they started using the anti-DVD-R drives), that's pretty much my question with the Streaming Audio games. I have a modded Gamecube and the games I want to play off the Streaming Audio list are only about three or four, but with my GC's laser slowly starting to die, I'm looking for a way to preserve my titles.

    Also, I've seen videos on YouTube saying that with the WODE, people were able to play backup discs on a D3-2 drive such as mine. But, all of the sites I've researched tell me differently. Who's right on this issue?

    Finally, I bought the XCM Wii Chameleon case(it looks bad A** with the slow changing LED's) to install on my Wii. The Wode should still work with a Case mod right?
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