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    Exclamation Hack Hash ini

    Help guys i have sucsefully Priiloader 0.7 everythink installed properly and i turn my wii off press the reset buttern will it is booting up comes up with Priiloader menu i go down to system hacks and it says Hacks_Hash.ini could not be found on on fat device when i have it in the apps folder of priiloader and the root of the SD Drive

    Can You Guys Help

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    I'll respond in spite of your usage of extra large fonts & colors. If you followed a wiihacks guide, the proper hash hacks file will be on the card. If it's not, go through the files and get it there (root folder of sd card) prior to launching priiloader. Once it finds it once, it will write it to the NAND & you dont need the card anymore.


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