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Thread: Red screen when playing NTSC games

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    Red screen when playing NTSC games

    Hey! I'm new to these forums and I'm not really sure where I should post this, but this seems like the right place to me. I am having a bit of an issue. I have a PAL Wii hooked up to a PAL sdtv (it supports 60hz) and I am using an RGB cable. When I play my NTSC copy of Smash Bros Brawl off an USB loader the whole screen is red, but the image is still visible.

    I tried various screen settings through the loader, but none seem to work. I have to use "FORCE NTSC" or else the screen will stay pitch black. The only way I can get the screen to work with color is when I use "FORCE PAL 50hz", but that isn't really pleasant to the eyes, at all.

    Now the weird thing is is that I only have this problem with a few games. I've also got the NTSC Fortune Street, but I can get that one (and many others) to work properly by using the right settings. I remember having the Japanese Tatsunoko vs Capcom in the past and it also wouldn't work without displaying everything in red. I could just use my PAL copy of Smash, but that one doesn't support the Project M hack!

    I'm pretty sure it has got something to do with the RGB cable, but I would love to know if there's a way to fix this issue. It is driving me nuts! I could just hook the Wii up the HDTV downstairs, but I'd much rather use it on a good SDTV.

    It might be important to mention that I am using USB Loader GX, because it's giving me the best results when it comes to playing games in color.

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    For giggles, try one of the other loaders.... I'd say configurable usb mod... I've not had much occasion to go out of region for wii games; if it becomes too big of an issue might consider checking around secondhand game places & see if you can get a proper pal copy.


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