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Thread: Whats up guys!!

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    Whats up guys!!

    Hello people.. It has been a while since I've last logged in.. 2 years to be exact. So whats going on in the hacking world these days.. Last I had softmodded my wii, freaked out and changed it back. Now I have come with a better understanding for computers and and file meanings and such. I have softmodded again and wondering whats next?

    Hit me up guys its good to be back!!!

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    You can play almost any file of media type with WiiMC. Download emulators to play old GC, Neo Geo, GBA games, etc. Backup games in case they get scratched. Play games off a hard drive.

    Wiibrew is a good place to start, it has emulators, homebrew games and apps. There's also an app called Homebrew Browser, with this you can download apps directly from your wii.

    Good Luck

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    Cool! I have that stuff now. This Riivolution looks pretty neat. Can make my own levels in New Super Mario Bros... So is there anything new that has happened this year? or is it all dying out because of the Wii U about to launch?

    The Wii U... Is it really going to be worth it?

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    Here is a planning going got get together and going well for next week. We all friends are going to enjoy it soon . We are so curious for it .


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