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Thread: Unique Wii Soft-modding issues. WILLING DONATE IF RESOLVED.

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    Unhappy Unique Wii Soft-modding issues. WILLING DONATE IF RESOLVED.

    Hello everyone at,

    I wish to softmod my Nintendo Wii on 4.3U to play backed up versions of my current games.
    These are the items i have:
    - BLACK NINTENDO WII (4.3U) Wii Black Console with New Super Mario Brothers Wii and Music CD: Computer and Video Games and anything that came in that specific box.
    - RED WIIREMOTE (A version that REQUIRES the Wii-Motion Plus Addon and does not have it built-in)

    What I Have Done So Far:
    These are the stuff i have already done.
    - LetterBombed my Wii
    - Installed Homebrew Channel
    - Installed BootMii as an IOS

    The Problem:
    I have followed most steps on guides to softmod a Wii and these problems stop me from continuing.
    - At the BootMii menu, My WiiMote becomes off and unresponsive.
    - I dont have the GameCube ports on my Wii to control it with a GC Controller.
    - Pressing Power, Reset etc. only does the function it was meant to. (Pressing Power powers my Wii off etc.)

    Is there anyway to successfully softmod my Wii? Please list all the ways possible.
    I hope you guys can help me with my current predicament. I will plan to donate if i can get help from you guys and softmod my Wii.

    Many Thanks,

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    Bootmii does not support wiimotes. Having it turned off is expected. The buttons will work on the bootmii screen. If memory serves, it's power-power-power-reset-reset to initiate the backup process; shoul dbe mentioned in the guide. Quick presses.

    If it fails for some reason, there is an alternative (xyzzy) in the guide which you can use to extract your keys which given the newness of your wii will likely be all you need in case of... dire emergency.


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    i have the same problem please help !!!!! i am at the point of getting a Xbox

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    Use the power buttons to control your wii in the bootmii menu

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    Thanks for all the replies.
    I think ive figured out the problem thanks to parts of the Tutorials section.
    I had a MMM screen for BootMii. If you get that, i would say repeat the Letterbomb part and FORMAT YOUR SD CARD.
    Before installing BootMii, I think you have to Prepare A SD Card then go to install BootMii.

    I now get a BootMii with a GUI.
    And thanks to WiiHacks, I have installed lots of IOSes, D2X cioses, Wiiflow, CFG USB Loader and USB Loader GX.


    Edit 1: Oh and when you are in MMM, use an older Wiimote for the new ones have no compatibility.

    *silently donating*

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