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Thread: Noob here with a situation - could use some guidance

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    Question Noob here with a situation - could use some guidance


    A quick point of reference. I am new to this (only 2nd time ever posting a thread), so if I am in the wrong discussion, thread or something out of normal protocol, I apologize inadvance. I also apologize for the length of this message as I felt it best to spell out entire scenario to get best advice.

    Had a Wii for several years and a couple weeks ago, my brother told me about the softmod process and a way to play my Wii games from aHDD. At first attempt, my brother pointed me toward 2 videos on YouTube to softmod. DO NOT POST FAILTUBE LINKS When going through these videos, I thought I had done something wrong because I was not able to load boot2 and could only load bootIOS, so in true noob fashion, I went out and bought another Wii. It was only through WiiHacks that I learned this was only due to the newness of the Wii and didn't really matter for the softmod. This time, with new Wii inhand, I followed the true walkthrough at

    Along the way I ran into one small snag that with the help of WiiHacks forum (special shout out to Wiihacks for being awesome!!!), I was able to discover that the HDD being used (1TB Toshiba Canvio) was not compatible. I picked up a Seagate 3Tb HDD, formatted the drive to NTFS and placed 2 folders on root of HDD (1 wbsf and 1 Movies). The wbsf folder is where I loaded my game collection via WiiFlow and the Movies folder is where I loaded my movie collection to be viewed by WiiMC. All was working well with the exception of a couple games that did not load properly via USB Loader GX but after deletingand reinstalling via WiiFlow, they worked great.

    In case we need to know, my AV setup is as follows: Samsung UN55B8000 and receiver is SamsungHT-D6730W. I have used a Wii2HDMIconnection to HDMI into the receiver and out from receiver to TV without issue for about a year or so now. This configuration worked well until...

    Due to my noobness, the mod process above left me with an extra Wii to sell to GameStop or something. I used the same wires (power,Wii2HDMI, sensor bar) to boot up the old Wii. Underwent the process in Wii settings to reformat the old Wii (bring back to factorysettings) which included deleting WiiShopAccount. At the end of reformat process, the Wii shut down. When bootingup the old Wii after reformatting, the sound came through fine but the video had a single horizontal white line and single vertical white line intersectingin the middle of the screen against a solid black background. Excited to get back to my awesome mod on the new Wii, I powered down the old Wii, unplugged it and plugged in the new Wii thinking I'd deal later with the white line issue on the old Wii. Here's the rub:

    The new Wii had the same issue as the old Wii?!? Sound boots great but video has single white vertical and horizontal lines intersecting in center screen against solid blackbackground. Tried using different ports on receiver as well as different ports direct connect to TV (without receiver). Tried replacing HDMI cables. Searched forum for potential resolution, buthave not found anything. Please help.

    Thanks again for any assiatance and sorry for short novel.

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    When you formatted your Wii, it set your video settings to default. So now you can not get a picture with your hdmi connection.

    That was my first thought, but then I think I remembered reading (in the book you wrote), that your new Wii does the same thing? Maybe it is a setting with your tv then.

    Have you tried connecting the Wii the old fashion way? With the standard composite cables that came with it.

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    Just like playkp said try a different tv


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