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Thread: Help Got Exception (DSI) Stack Dump When In Homebrew Browser

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    Help Got Exception (DSI) Stack Dump When In Homebrew Browser

    Hello Wii Hacks this is my first time posting on the website and visting this website also when i first hacked my wii with letter bomb 4.3E later that night i installed Homebrew Browser V0.3.9c Everthing installed good then when started up i went to games then get exception dsi came up and my screen went black and under that it sead stack dump it wondent let me do anythink so i unplugged my wii from the plug socket then turned it on and everythink work right it booted up allright but what do i do to solove this error


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    Dont be concerned by it, holding the power button should be enough without unplugging etc.

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    Thanks dude but is there a way to fix this problem

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    If you used the up to date softmod any wii guide you should be good, to be fair the very first time I used homebrew browser on my latest wii it did the same thing to me but hasn't done it since.

    The experts may be able help you more, but to be honest the crash never reared it's ugly head again.

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