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Thread: Usb loader gx freezes on ssbb

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    Usb loader gx freezes on ssbb

    Im trying to install my copy of "Super Smash Bros Brawl" on my 16gb USB drive using USB LOADER GX V3.0, but every time it gets between 0.33%-0.44% it completly stops installing. The KBPS , Time Left, precentage, and out of all freeze... Music is still playing, i can still move around my wii mote, and if i try clicking on the "Cancel" button, it bulges out as if i clicked it, but nothing happens...because all those things are going on, i dont think its completely frozen... In case people want to know, my USB drive is formatted in Fat32...I got my WII from a friend a week ago (its an old 2006 model), and i dont know ANYTHING about all this talk of IOS/CIOS/etc...i just softmodded my wii using a youtube tutorial, and all works well (in case some die heart WiiHacks person asks my why i didnt use one of the tutorials on here, I found this site AFTER i softmodded my wii)...just SSBB wont install...worked fine for New Super Mario Bros Wii....

    I formated my drive to WBFS, tried to install SSBB, and it worked...install speed was fast (I think) only took 40mins at ~2700KBPS...However, I want to keep my drive on Fat32 or NTFS, as the USB drive im using i use to transfer videos i encode to test compatibility with different i need to use it for more then Wii stuff ATM...Im gonna buy an external drive specifically for wii backups on monday, but just trying to backup a few games now, so ill know how to later...

    Anyone know if THIS drive would work for wii...I want to get a big one, so i dont EVER have to worry about space for wii again...filled up my 2tb drive im using for video archives in less then a month...on my second one... expected it to last at least a im just gonna buy too much, so i wont have to worry about it later...
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    Post a system check.
    ....system check...confizzled is me...

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