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Thread: Broke black bracket, stripped screw and warped motherboard cover

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    Exclamation Broke black bracket, stripped screw and warped motherboard cover

    I have a regular account, but I can't remember my details so I joined again. I'm just trying to figure out how screwed I am. I have a Wii that was suffering from what appeared to be just being bricked. But on further examination, I think what the problem was may be the bluetooth module, as everything seemed to be working okay, but it would just black screen on system menu and I couldn't get my Motion Plus Wiimote (the only one I have) to sync with the Wii, so I had to use Gamecube controller. I followed the softmod any Wii guide again, and it seemed to go okay, but still black screen on menu and no can sync Wiimote.

    So I decided that maybe the Wii was dropped and the Bluetooth controller was shaken loose. Or maybe it needs replacing for 5USD on So I follow the ifixit guide and pull it all apart and everything is going okay until I hit step 32, one of the screws in the black bracket won't budge, no matter how many times I mash it up with all sorts of bits. so I figure I should just snap it off, as you can see in my image. But I need to still remove the motherboard cover, but only one screw holding it down I should be okay I thought, But it warped around where that screw was and when I tore it off it warped some more. I don't know if the screw holes near where I tore it off will line up anymore I don't know what to do, I'm surrounded by screws in the order I took them out, I was careful up until stripping that screw, but now I don't know what I should do. I reseated the bluetooth module, but is it okay to plug the Wii back in to test it without putting it all back together? Or do I have to put it all back together again, only to find out that reseating the bluetooth module didn't fix it, and that I will need to pull it apart again to replace it, and then put it back together again.

    Here is a photo of the damage. I think I'm borked. The Wii had been sitting in my room for months and months, with me thinking it would be easy to repair, that I would just need to run through the softmod any wii guide again. I feel so stupid I might have to buy another Wii.

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    So your saying that you think your Wii should have been able to sync your Wiimote while the system menu was replaced by a black screen? You were expecting what, the pointer to magically appear out of nowhere and just stay over the black background? Or perhaps your guess was that when no Wiimotes are synced the screen just turns BLACK?

    I don't get it man. I'm sorry but HOW could anyone think that the bluetooth module is the thing to mess with when the system menu is not even showing up? If you had used 20 minutes of your precious time googlin' things like "system menu is black" or "wii can be turned on but no system menu" insteed of just assuming that "no system menu=bluetooth <<Removed Profanity>>" I can almost garantee you that right now your Wii would have been in one piece and working perfect.

    everything seemed to be working okay, but it would just black screen on system menu and I couldn't get my Motion Plus Wiimote to sync with the Wii
    So ok everything is working... but no image, no sound and no controller... I... WHAT? What exactly IS working? The drive light, the power on light and the fan? Lol?

    The problem is clearly with the system menu, no experience in wii hacking needed whatsoever for figuring this out, it is just astonishingly obvious that it is the first thing youneed to lookup for. Oh, and, that Ripping apart your console aimlessly whit a screwdriver is the absolute LAST thing you should ever attempt.

    "Oh nooo there's no more orange juice ... oh man the fridge, it must be broken! Let's dismantle it right away and fix the JUICE!"

    You can't seen to think logically about what your doing, the solution for people like you is to ask for help before it's too late, wich you did not.

    Enjoy you broken Wii.

    Respect Others,Thank You.
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    I have been looking at guides regarding this for a long time now. Priiloader did work with the GC controller, which let me launch HBC and MMM (which is how I followed the Mod Any Wii guide, though I had to use the GC controller for the bits that said "remove the GameCube controller" as I couldn't get the Wiimote to sync, but I realised I could just use the R trigger of the GC controller to select all wads). I followed the guide exactingly other than that, just as I have done before. I also tried the fix bricked Wii guide, but I couldn't install IOS60 or IOS70 using IOS250, and of course I cannot access the internet settings to use NUS.

    I didn't want to bother anyone when it seemed clear that the problem was with BT module.

    Couldn't I just use tin snips to cut off the warped corner of the motherboard cover? And is it okay to plug the power back into it while it is pulled apart like this so I can test to see if I fixed the BT?

    And if my Wii is broken, how am I supposed to enjoy it? What do you mean by that?

    Should I put it back together again and then fix the system menu?

    EDIT: SO I tried to get the mobo cover back on, but I bent even more of the bits that are meant to hold screws. Also, none of the holes seem to line up anymore.
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    Your first post? Really? How bout trying to help instead of being a d.
    The damage is already done and I'm sure he knows he effed up, without your useless post.


    If you could not turn on your Wii with the wiimote, it most likely was the bt module.

    Basically what you need to do is get that screw out. Try a screwdriver with a slightly larger head and use more pressure to try and back the screw out. Once you do that you can change your bt module and piece it back together the best you can. By bending things back into shape.

    If you have room to change the bt module without getting the screw out, then try and bend things back to normal, best you can.

    You can turn on and test the Wii while it is disassembled. But don't do it on carpet or somewhere that might give a static charge. It is usually not recommended to turn on electronics, while working on them. But if you are careful it will be ok. I do it all the time. I downgrade PS3s and never put them back together while doing the flashing process.

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    Thanks for the advice. I think it must be the bluetooth, my friend must have dropped the Wii. There was also sticky juice or something around the front plate, but it doesn't look like it got into anything inside.

    I also picked up a new Wii today, not gamecube compatible. But it comes with motion plus controller and nunchuck and cost less than twice the cost of motion plus and nunchuck. Anyway, I'll order a few bluetooth modules from and home that fixes it (although has taken more than a month to ship in the past). How many modules should I order, they are 5USD each? Or can I take the module out of the new wii I bought today?

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    If you bought a new Wii, I think it would be logical to use the new Wii instead of trying to fix the old one. If you take apart the new Wii, you will void the warranty and run the risk of breaking it, too.
    Look up a tutorial on how to breadboard a computer. The same principle will go to the wii. Do this and test the parts outside of the case. Make sure it still all lights up, and boots (if you get the same problem, that's okay, it means you haven't damaged anything inadvertently by applying excessive force on the motherboard. That being said, a warp is generally okay on a motherboard as long as it is not excessive. Good luck.


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