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Thread: Can ps3 controller be used on PC games?

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    Can ps3 controller be used on PC games?

    Can ps3 controller be used on PC games?

    hi, i was thinking of buying a pc because games are better but the thing thats holding me back is, i just hate playing with keyboard and mouse, i just find it so awkward and uncomfortable (imo of course). but i have a ps3 and i just love the controllers on there, so i wanna know if ps3 controller can be used with pc. and if so, how. thanks

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    Yes it can, you just have to google .."ps3 controller adapter for pc".(No need to Buy An adapter.)

    I would give you the link , but no outside links are excepted as it's not one of our guides.

    Please be careful, You don't want to break your controller.

    By the way, Advertising is not allowed , without consent.(The Links In Your Signature.)

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    yea the best program that i use is motionjoy its very good


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