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Thread: NeoGamma "Disk could not br read" error?

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    NeoGamma "Disk could not br read" error?

    After launching my game backup via NeoGamma, it always gives me the "The game Disc could not be read. Please refer to your Wii Operations Manual for
    more information" (like you would get from trying to play a scratched up disk) and the same for GameCube games. I've tried a few different backups so the .ISO isn't the problem. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    My wii was softmodded by using the "softmod any wii" guide and the backups are on Memorex DVD+R disks (which ARE suposed to work, they just aren't too good for the DVD drive) and am running cIOS dx238v7final.
    My bad -_- that's the NeoGamma version (dx238v7final)
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    As far as playing back up disc ,if you have one of the newest wii's then it won't play back ups.Check Here.-->WiiDrive Data Base

    Dvd+r are not recommended,you should be using Dvd-r and the brand should be Verbatim.
    What Cios are you using

    Your Cios Should be something like this ...Cios249 Base [56] D2x v7 Final.


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